PCR, qPCR, and ddPCR

Transduction/Transfection efficiency Retroviral vector-based gene therapy products testing Analysis of patient PBMC for RCR-specific DNA sequences Determination of efficacy of drugs on target genes Analysis of the spread [...]

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ELISpot and FluoroSpot

Assays in 96-well plates allow rapid analysis of large numbers of samples Quantification of the number of cytokine (for example IFN-γ or TNF-α) secreting cells. The ELISPOT assay [...]

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Validate the commercial kits, assay transfer or develop the test from the scratch (LDT). Can perform Assay Qualification, RUO Validation, and GxP Validation Any applications related to antigen [...]

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Cell Labeling Studies

TGA BioServices offers cGMP and/or GLP development and validation services for the use of cell labeling methods used in Clinical Trials, as well as basic R&D projects. There [...]

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Analytical Lab Services

TGA BioServices provides the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Academic communities a comprehensive range of analytical lab services in support of basic research and development as well [...]

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Western Blot Analysis

Western blot analysis is an immunological testing method that can detect a protein of interest from a mixture of a great number of proteins. Western blotting generates information [...]

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Toxicity Screening

Toxicology screening or testing is also referred to as safety testing and is conducted to determine the degree to which a test article or compound can cause damage in [...]

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Neutralization Antibody Assays

When an immune response to a therapeutic macromolecule is deemed positive from a immunogenicity assay screening, a cell-based neutralization antibody assay is one approach for the determination of [...]

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