TGA Sciences, Inc. has 16,000 ft2 of laboratory space, comprised of five separate labs:

  • Analytical
  • Immunochemistry
  • Bioassay
  • R&D
  • Animal Facilities

The TGA Sciences, Inc. animal facility is separated into three separate areas: 1) cage washing area, 2) surgical suite and 3) caging area. All animals are housed in ventilated caging units where each cage is independent of the others and receives 12-18 air changes per hour. All caging units are exhausted using a central ventilation system, which also provides fresh air into the facility. In addition, the animal facility has its own HVAC system (independent of the remainder of the facility) and also has backup power through a generator that powers the entire facility during electrical outages.

The animal facility is accessed through a series of combination locked doors and the entire facility is also protected during non-working hours by a motion detection alarm. Sentinel animal programs are in practice, and a Veterinarian is on staff. All animal work is non-GLP, though cGMP work is being performed.

Our animal facility is:

  • AAALAC-accredited facility for in vivo animal studies
  • USDA registered
  • OLAW certified
  • In-house IACUC committee

We use validated laboratory computer systems in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. All of our critical use equipment is calibrated and validated. All critical systems can be run off of our backup generator.

We are located just outside of Boston, offering easy access from major clinical trial sites and centers in Cambridge and Greater Boston.