“The Basics of Buying or Selling a Business”

In this presentation you will learn the process by which businesses are bought and sold. If you are considering buying another business or selling your own, you will learn what you can do to help make the process successful. You will learn what the other party will be looking for as well as what they should bring to the process. We will discuss the different kinds of buyers and the goals and motivations of each.


About Lincoln Taylor- Based in Greater Boston, Lincoln is a Senior Broker with 13 years of experience as a Business Broker and M&A Advisor and over 25 years experience in sales and business development. His experience includes growing an IT services company as the head of sales and senior sales positions in both software and services companies. He employs a win/win style that works to benefit all parties. He enjoys helping buyers and sellers throughout the business ownership transfer process.

Sponsored and funded by NE CRO/CMO Council (a non-for profit organization)

There is no cost to attend this meeting

To attend, send email confirmation to msettles@tgasciences.com

The New England CRO/CMO Council is a community of Contract Research and Manufacturing Organizations and was founded with a mission of organizing these providers into a collaborative network that serves the Biopharma and Biotechnology Industries with a means of finding service providers local to the New England area, thus encouraging in local outsourcing.