Toxicity Screening

Toxicology screening or testing is also referred to as safety testing and is conducted to determine the degree to which a test article or compound can cause damage in [...]

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Neutralization Antibody Assays

When an immune response to a therapeutic macromolecule is deemed positive from a immunogenicity assay screening, a cell-based neutralization antibody assay is one approach for the determination of [...]

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Method Development

Research and Development Support: Generation of specific testing methodologies Reproducing experimental methods to validate in-house results Performing due diligence experiments for venture capital firms prior to investing The [...]

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FACs Anlysis/Flow Cytometry

FACs Analysis / Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology utilized in cell counting, cell sorting, biomarker detection and protein engineering by the evaluation of individual cells by an [...]

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Endotoxin Testing

The Endosafe-PTSsystem which allows for the analysis of multiple endotoxin samples at a time in as little as 15 minutes. The Endosafe-PTS is a multi-cartridge system developed by [...]

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Dose Ranging Studies

While a true dose-ranging study is a clinical trial, TGA BioServices offers in vivo dose ranging studies where titerable doses of a test article or compound are tested [...]

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Cytokine Release Testing

Various in vitro systems can be generated and validated to monitor the release of client specific cytokines of interest after incubation with test articles (compounds, chemicals, human derived [...]

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Creatinine Analysis

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate and produced and excreted at a constant rate. Measurements are used to determine glomerular filtration rate (GFR) – a measure [...]

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Competitive Technique

Customized competitive techniques can be generated and validated for the evaluation of specific antibody reactions to client’s therapeutics, treatments, etc. General screening assays are generally generated specific to [...]

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