Analytical Lab Services

Analytical Lab ServicesTGA Sciences, Inc. provides the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Academic communities a comprehensive range of analytical lab services in support of basic research and development as well as for clinical studies. We serve clients both in the U.S. and internationally.

We offer the client a complete package of customized analytical lab services utilized in pre-clinical through Phase IV studies, all in compliance with GLP and cGMP requirements (FDA / EMA registered and inspected).

Analytical Services include:

In Vivo Animal Studies (non-GLP)
Mouse Studies
Rat Testing
Adjuvant Testing

Botoxulin Testing

Bioequivalence Studies
Dose Ranging Studies
Toxicity Screening

Guinea Pig Testing (GuineaPig Maximization Test)
Dermal Studies
Diagnostic Sample Analysis (R&D) -TGA Sciences, Inc. offers complete hematology, chemistry and clinical analysis of generated animal samples using the HESKA Veterinary System.

Influenza Testing Models

Dose Ranging
Immunogenicity Testing
Toxicity Screening

USP Safety Testing
Vaccine Stability

Acid-base Balance Testing
Albumin Analysis
ALT Analysis
Blood Gas Analysis
BUN Analysis
Calcium Analysis
Cholesterol Analysis
Creatinine Analysis
Electrolyte Analysis
Glucose Analysis
GRAN Analysis
HCT Analysis
HGB Analysis
LYMF Analysis
MCH Analysis
MCHC Analysis
MCV Analysis
MID Analysis
MPV Analysis
pH Analysis
PLT Analysis
Protein Analysis
RBC Analysis
RDW Analysis
Uric Acid Analysis
WBC Analysis

Bioassays (R&D, cGMP, GLP)
Collagen Bioassays
Determination of interleukin levels or cell viability
Growth Factor and Interleukin Bioassays
H2O2 Cell Survival Bioassays
Neutralization Antibody Bioassays
Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes
Normal Human Epidermal Melanocytes
Other Specialized Bioassays
Proliferation Bioassays Using Various Cell Types
R&D bioassays developed for specific analysis
Scratch Test Bioassays / Migration Assays
UVB Cell Survival Bioassays

Immunoassays (R&D, cGMP, GLP)
Immunoassay Development
Immunoassay Validation
Immunoassay Consultation
Multiplex Assay

Types of Immunoassays:
Activity Assays
Bridging ELISA
Commercial Kits
Direct Binding ELISA
Enzymatic Assays
Fluorescent Assays
Inhibition ELISA
Kinetic Assays
Sandwich ELISA

Immunological Testing (R&D, cGMP, GLP)
Antibody Titration
Autoimmune Testing
Bioequivalence Studies
Cell Labeling Studies
Cytokine Release Testing
FACScan Analysis
HLA Antibody Analysis
IEA Analysis
Immunoglobulin Labeling
Immunoglobulin Screening
Interleukin Bioassays
Kinase Protein Testing
LAL Endotoxin Testing
Luminex Suspension Array Technology
Mab Screening
Maintenance of Cell Lines
Generation of Cell Banks
Metabolic Markers Testing
Method Development Laboratory Protocols
Monoclonal Antibody Screening
Multiplex Assays
Protein Analysis
RBC Analysis
Small Scale Antibody Purification
Tissue Typing
Transcription Factors Testing
Western Blot

Research and Development (non-GLP, cGMP)
Basic R&D Support
Due diligence experiments for venture capital firms prior to investing
Method Development
Method Transfer
Method Validation