bioassaysTGA Sciences, Inc. offers bioassays for the determination of the toxicity of chemicals, compounds and reagents. The general types of bioassays that are currently being utilized are presented below, however, customized bioassays are available upon request:



  • Growth Factor and Interleukin Bioassays
  • Neutralization Antibody Bioassays
  • Proliferation Bioassays Using Various Cell Types
    • Collagen Bioassays
    • Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes
    • Normal Human Epidermal Melanocytes
    • Normal Human Adult and/or Neonatal Fibroblasts
    • Mouse Epidermal Melanocytes
    • Determination of interleukin levels or cell viability following the bioassay using commercially available kits or other assays (Neutral red, Alamar Blue, MTT or MTS) as an analytical readout of bioassay performance.
  • PBMC Associated Cell Based Assays
    • Endotoxin-Stimulated Assay
    • Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) sample analysis
    • Histamine Release Assay
    • ADCC Assays
    • Flow Cytometry Related Assays
      ·          Amniotic Fluid Cell Culture FACS Analysis
      ·          Cell Surface Markers evaluated by Flow Cytometry
      ·          Cell purity testing utilizing flow Cytometry
      ·          Specificity Analysis (FACScan) of monoclonal antibodies and drug products
  • Other Specialized Bioassays
    • ATP Cell Survival Bioassays
    • UVB Cell Survival Bioassays
    • H2O2 Cell Survival Bioassays
    • Scratch Test Bioassays
    • B16-F10 Pigmentation Assays
    • Melanogenesis/Keratinocyte Co-culture Bioassay
    • TF-1 growth inhibition (IC50) screening assay
    • Wound Healing (Scratch Assay) Bioassays
    • Melanogenesis/Keratinocyte Co-culture Bioassay
    • Biofilm Analysis
    • Neuronal Bioassay
    • R&D Bioassays Developed For Specific Analysis