Odyssey CLx® Infrared Imaging Services


Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging Services is one of the many laboratory services TGA Sciences provides to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Academic communities.


  • Wider Dynamic Range
  • Two-Color Detection and Quantification
  •  High Sensitivity
  • Direct Detection for better data


Quantitative Western Blots

  • Infrared Fluorescence detection provides a quantitative
    two-color method for western blots
  • Easy transition from chemiluminescence methods
  • Software adjustments for image optimization

In-Cell Western Blots

  • Increased assay sensitivity and throughput
  • Simultaneously detecting a protein of interest and a reference protein using primary antibodies of different isotypes or species. Used for:- IC50 Determination
    – Phosphorylation Studies
    – Pathway Analysis
    – Apoptosis Detection

Small Animal Imaging

  • Biodistribution Studies
  • Inflammation and arthritis studies
  • Tumor angiogenesis
  • Metastasis – tumor specific probes

Tissue Section Imaging

  • Histology and whole organ imaging for studying clearance and specificity
  • Two-color detection for two targets


  • ELISA methods
  • ELISpot
  • Protein Array
  • Custom methods for specific requirements

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