DSCF0026TGA Sciences, Inc. offers specimen collection kits for our clients’ clinical sites to assist in sample collection, preparation and shipment. Many of these sample collection kits are generated in support of specific assay methodologies that TGA Sciences, Inc. has developed and validated for a particular client. We can work with your clinical sites and offer training to ensure proper collection of your samples.


TGA Sciences, Inc. can provide the following:

  • Sample collection kits, (instructions, materials, shipment and training)
  • Generation of client specific CRF’s
  • Specimen coding for access and tracking during the clinical study (bar code, identification number, etc.)
  • Sample storage in validated, temperature sensitive chambers in compliance with cGMP guidelines (40°, 25°, 4°, -20°, -40°, -80°)
  • The generation of customized sample preparation techniques for a precise and accurate analysis

A typical collection kit includes:

  • Vacutainer Collection Tubes
  • Polypropylene Transfer Tubes
  • Specimen Labels
  • Specimen Sample Forms
  • SOP’s for Collection Methods
  • Shipping Containers
  • Shipping Airbills

All kits are customized for the particular study or client and can be purchased in bulk or individually. Clinical site training for specific collection techniques is also available, as is telephone support.