Research and Development

TGA Lab 001TGA Sciences, Inc. offers general laboratory support for academic institutions, virtual biotechnology companies and small to mid-sized Pharmaceutical companies. Our flexibility allows our technicians to work with clients as an extension of their laboratories. We have also worked with several venture capital firms performing proof-of-concept experiments as well as various law firms in the areas of patent litigation. Our flexible structure allows us to work with various types of clients and to assist them with their basic R&D plans. We also offer temporary laboratory space and/or technical assistance in getting our clients’ programs from the idea stage to actual experiments and data.

Research and development services include:

  • Generation of specific testing methodologies
  • Reproducing experimental methods to validate in-house results
  • Performing due diligence experiments for venture capital firms prior to investing
  • The performance of basic R&D protocols
  • Acting as an extension of our clients’ laboratories
  • Performing experiments in support of clients’ grants
  • Performing method transfer from academic labs to our clients’ labs
  • Assisting with clients onsite to ensure that their experiments are successfully implemented.