Toxicity Screening

>>>>Toxicity Screening

toxicity screeningToxicology screening or testing is also referred to as safety testing and is conducted to determine the degree to which a test article or compound can cause damage in vivo or in vitro.  TGA. offers in vivo and in vitro testing of certain chemicals, particularly from the cosmetic industry and from environmental friendly companies in order to determine any toxicity that their product or product components may cause.

Examples of test articles may include pesticides, medications, food additives such as artificial sweeteners, packing materials, and air freshener, or their chemical ingredients.  In addition, some compounds are tested in vivo and injected intravenously, intramuscularly, or subcutaneously with most doses given once to evaluate any toxicity.  All in vivo studies fall under the regulation of the IACUC and are highly regulated to confirm to industry standards of animal care.

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